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American Association of Christian Counselors

Board Certified Christian Counselor

Credential Now Available

The International Board of Christian Counselors, a newly-formed non-profit entity in association with the AACC, is pleased to announce the availability of the Board Certified Christian Counselor (BCCC) credential for eligible licensed mental health professionals who also identify and practice as Christian counselors. As AACC President Tim Clinton stated, “The time for a voluntary national credential board in Christian counseling has come.”

As you are probably already aware, the demand for professional credentials is increasing in all the counseling professions, including Christian counseling. While this initial roll-out is restricted to MH professionals, we are dedicated to deliver the BCCC credential to pastoral counselors and Christian chaplains in 2007. Eventually, we plan to include lay helpers and specialty practitioners of many kinds in the future.

The BCCC credential is now for Clinical Professionals who are state-licensed mental health professionals and want or need this practice certification in order to:

  • give licensure boards a clear definition of Christian counseling and its relationship to your practice discipline, in order for Christian counseling to be understood as within your “scope of practice” as a specialty, adjunctive, and integrated form of professional practice;
  • give managed care and other organizational providers a respected credential—one that certifies both competence and ethical practice—that they are increasingly demanding in response to subscribers who want Christian counseling;
  • give the church, our sister professions, and the state a firm message that Christian counselors can be trusted to deliver ethical and effective services, and that we have the right to practice and communicate publicly as both licensed professionals and Christian counselors.

The mission statement for the IBCC asserts that “The IBCC will certify practice excellence in Christian counseling and ministry, promote legal-ethical integrity in all our credential holders, and honorably advocate Christian counseling within the AACC and the Church, to the state, our sister professions, and to society.”

Now is the “grandfathering” period of credential delivery, so please apply now and avoid the credentialing exam that will be required of all IBCC applicants in the near future. Furthermore, during this grandfathering period, the fee for the BCCC credential is being offered at a reduced rate for both the application fee and the initial two-year-long membership.

For an application packet to the BCCC credential, please call 1-800-526-8673 or e-mail and we will send it right out to you.

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